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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 19, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. on this monday, october 19th, well, it was all a hoax. police in colorado now say the entire runaway balloon story was fake. and the family could face felony charges. we'll talk to their attorney this morning. a scramble for shots. the nation's doctors rush to find more h1n1 vaccine as america faces a shortage of the vaccinations. why is supply falling so far behind demand? frosty the pumpkin? it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in new england as snow falls in october. and the history of america's
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great hoaxes. the man who pulled one of the biggest ones ever joins us live. good morning, everyone. we hope you had a fantastic weekend. i'm robin roberts here with chris cuomo. diane sawyer is off this morning. and the sheriff says on the bizarre meter, the balloon story rates a 10. few would argue. >> maybe a 12. ever since the kid wound up being okay and wasn't in the balloon it's just gotten worse and worse for the family. now the lawyer for richard and mayumi are willing to turn themselves in. >> the key piece of evidence, the homemade, as we see there, some said it was like a jiffy pop in the sky held together we find out with string and duct tape. let's start with ryan owens with the very latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yes, the sheriff says the entire family was in on it including the three kids and he says it's
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very unlikely anyone will ever serve a day in jail for all of this. days after it riveted millions, the world's most famous balloon hangs in an evidence locker at the sheriff's department. it's little more than a patchwork of tarps and cardboard held together with duct tape and string but landed its inventor in more trouble than he could have imagined. >> this is and has been determined that this is a hoax, that it was a publicity stunt. >> reporter: a stunt with felony consequences. the sheriff says richard heene and his wife will likely be charged with everything from endangering their children to conspiracy. >> richard is -- may be nutty but he's not a professor. these people are actors. they met in acting school in hollywood. so needless to say they put on a very good show for us and we bought it. >> reporter: that show investigators say had been planned for at least two weeks. it began in their backyard on
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thursday. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: detectives say the moment the balloon launched the entire family knew 6-year-old falcon was never on board. while millions of viewers worried for the young boy he was allegedly hiding somewhere his parents picked out ahead of time. when falcon resurfaced alive and well, the publicity poured in. >> feels like i'm still in bed and dreaming. >> reporter: the hoax worked perfectly until the young man at the center of it strayed from the script. >> we did this for a show. >> man. >> no. >> it wasn't until the "larry king" show that we had the first aha minute. when you look at some of the n nonverbal responses as well as cues it became very clear to us at that point that they were lying. >> reporter: this weekend the sheriff brought the parents in for five hours of questioning. then searched their house and
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found computers and documents investigators say detailing the stunt and its promotional value. >> aim richard heene science detective. >> reporter: he spent months trying to convince producers his family deserved its own reality show. this morning, reality may have finally set in. >> on the bizarre meter this rates a 10. >> reporter: and if you were among those who feels deceived and waiting for a public apology from the family, you may be waiting for awhile. the sheriff says they are showing no sign of remorse. robin. >> all right, ryan. the charges, what they could possibly be could make such a big difference so what we know now, i spoke with heene's family attorney david lane just moments ago. mr. lane, thank you for your time this morning. i want to first ask you about the three boys. last friday we saw little falcon becoming ill. how is he doing and how are the three boys handling all this? >> well, i met the three boys and they were in my office yesterday for a good long time and i have three kids of my own,
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three boys and these are by all appearances well loved, well taken care of, well adjusted and happy little boys. >> you said that you're concerned about i think the phrase that you used in your release, a public spectacle. some would say it's a little bit late for that after all we've seen these last days. >> you know, all i can say is law enforcement has certain standards under the constitution that they have to conduct themselves by. if they step over any lines it is my job to slap them down and i will if they do. >> they have said, authorities have now said that without a doubt, they believe it is a hoax. your clients all along have said it is not. what is your defense? >> well, it's difficult for the batter to swing at a pitch until the pitcher throws the ball and right now that's where we're at. the sheriff doesn't share their evidence with me until they're required by law to do so, and that occurs after charges get
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filed. i have no idea what so-called evidence they have, but whatever they've got they've got to give to me down the road. i'll take a good, hard look at it and then we can go from there. >> can you tell me if the heenes have taken a polygraph test? >> yeah, they did. they were both put on a box by the sheriff and those -- i don't know if they passed or failed the polygraphs because the sheriff has not, again, he doesn't confide in me prior to charges being filed then they only confide in me to the extent that the law mandates that they do so, but i don't know if they've passed or not, but that stuff is not admissible in courts in colorado because it's generally unreliable. >> the time line seems a little suspect. we're hearing that the faa was called first, the local tv station was then called then the family called 911. how do you respond to that, the time line? >> i want to see the time line. i want to see records of telephone usage. there have been multiple telephones involved in this.
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i want to see it. let's see what the evidence shows. i can't comment on it because i haven't seen it. >> and when do you -- what are you hearing from authorities? when do you think, if, indeed, they will be charged, when that will happen and what your clients will do? >> i think charges are going to be filed probably either late today or tomorrow at some point. if they are true to their word and i'm really trying to hold their feet to the fire on this, i will get a phone call saying a warrant has been issued turn your clients in, they will then go to the sheriff's department, hopefully a summons will be issued so that they can have a court date. they will walk out of the sheriff's department. if, you know -- that's the way it should proceed. if law enforcement wants to stir the pot, they'll slap the cuffs on when they do turn themselves in and then they're in jail until they bond out and then they'll go to court very quickly. >> david lane, thank you very much for your time this morning.
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i'm sure we'll be talking again. >> thank you, robin. now to news out of afghanistan and pakistan. afghan president hamid karzai is refusing attempts to clarify the election results despite widespread fraud. over the weekend pakistani forces say they began a major offensive against the taliban and al qaeda. so what do these developments mean for our men and women on the ground? let's bring in abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz in washington. martha, what do you make of all this. >> reporter: good morning, chris. in pakistan there's a lot of uncertainty. there's about 30,000 pakistani troops going after militants in a very dangerous tribal area, but the u.s. does not know exactly what's going on there. they sustained an effort that will be and in afghanistan that election also a lot of uncertainty and that has a direct effect on whether the u.s. will send more troops. rahm emanuel, the chief of staff to president obama, said over the weekend, you have to find out whether you have a credible afghan partner for this process.
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it would be irresponsible to make decisions about troops until they know about the results of that election and whether there was fraud involved and whether there will be a runoff. chris? >> now, of course, martha, stay with us. while they're deciding the election, the war is very much going on on the ground in afghanistan. over the weekend, the 293rd military police company, we were with them. they got caught in a deadly ambush near kandahar. here is their story which raises a larger concern. mps are weary on pa proehl in dangerous kandahar province where they regularly encounter enemy attacks. >> seven days ago we traveled north of this location. our fifth vehicle struck an ied. at that time they hit us with rpgs followed by mortar rounds and small-arms found. >> want that cougar up here. >> reporter: this time in this district they find only farmers. mps see clear signs of on going insurgent activity. >> still fresh. >> reporter: this is a mortar
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launch site. these are gun positions. >> got two on the rooftop. >> reporter: but they can't make a move because of strict new rules of engagement designed to reduce civilian casualties requiring troops to stand down unless engaging an attack. troops call their situation "handcuffed," unable to root out an enemy unless under direct fire yet these mps were determined. you're determined to keep coming back until you secure the whole area? >> yes, we will come back until this area is secured. we cannot allow them to move freely within the area. >> reporter: just last friday they patrolled here again, this time another massive attack. an ied, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire, nine wounded and sergeant rusinski was killed. sergeant ski as they called him was just 28, third generation soldier having come to iraq and now afghanistan in the hopes of ending this war. he leaves a wife and infant son. news obviously horrible for the
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family and loved ones and who kept in their care but, martha, let's talk about the larger issue. these rules of engagement. how difficult is this for the troops on the ground? >> reporter: well, you saw it firsthand there, chris. it is extremely difficult, but i think what commanders will say is they have to avoid civilian casualties or they make more enemies for the soldiers and make it more difficult and more dangerous. >> and each time they make a decision out there in the field, they have to weigh what's right for the civilians versus what's right for them. >> reporter: that's exactly right, chris. it's very, very difficult on the ground for the soldiers, but, again, the commanders are trying to think strategically here. >> all right, martha, thank you very much for the perspective this morning. appreciate it. 11 minutes past the hour. to bianna golodryga. you have this morning's other big story, which is about what's going on in iran. >> in iran and vienna. good morning, everyone. we begin with the other
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issue. nuclear talks with iran getting under way in vienna. american, russian and french negotiators are hoping to work out a deal with iran to 0 process uranium abroad. reports indicate tehran is he hesitating. autopsies are expected on three runners who collapsed and died during sunday's detroit marathon. they were 26, 36 and 65 years old. heart attacks are suspected in two of the cases. there's more proof that even though wall street has been recovering, the typical american worker will be feeling the effects of the recession for quite some time. a recent survey finds two-thirds of large companies that cut health care benefits do not plan to fully restore them. not just that, more than 60% of large employers have frozen pay, 16% reduced salaries. there is video from rio de janeiro, brazil. this police helicopter was shot down as it hovered above a ground battle between gangs. two officers were killed in the fighting and the government says the violence is limited to one neighborhood and won't affect safety for the 2016 olympics.
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and finally, a bizarre run in wisconsin. a black bear strolled through the doors of this grocery store, made a beeline for the liquor aisle and as you can see jumped on to a shelf in the beer cooler. turns out it wasn't interested in directing beer, just wanted to chill out. nonalcoholic drinker. >> if you're not going to be in a balloon being an animal in a tore is the best way to get on the news. >> all right, bianna, thanks so much. back with us, sam champion. >> good morning, robin, chris, bianna. let's start with -- it'll be so much better on the eastern seaboard from the mid-atlantic after that one-two nor'easter punch. what happened this weekend in case you weren't there. from the snow in pennsylvania all the way into worcester mass, picking up 7 inches of rain, as much as 8. to the coastline where there was a lot of coastal flooding and beach erosion up to 2 inches of rain in nantucket just kept getting rain over the weekend. flooding in long island.
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here's the better situation, drier skies but the cold air behind it, 38 in new york. morning low, early morning record at 28 in erie, pennsylvania, it extends down the eastern seaboard like 38 in atlanta, 54 degrees in west palm beach is a record low temperature this morning. it'll be slow to warm up there. where it is going to be warm, dallas, 74, oklahoma city at about 73. el paso, 86 degrees. good-looking weather there.
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>> more weather in the next half hour including a new system in the northern california area. cool, gusty and rainy. >> great to have you back. there is a tidal wave of demand for the vaccine that so far health officials have struggled to meet. in iowa more than 2,000 free swine flu vaccines were snapped up in less than four hours. why is there such a shortage? here is david muir.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the cdc now says the h1n1 vaccine is behind schedule. originally hoping they would have 40 million doses by the end of this month, now there could be fewer than 30 million. >> we don't have the vaccine and we don't know if we're going to get it next week, next month or when to tell our patients to come. >> reporter: more than 80 children are died of the h1n1 virus in the u.s. that's already more than the number who die every year from seasonal flu. one of the young victims ten-year-old summer rockefeller, a fifth grader from grove town, georgia. >> she went in with flu-like symptoms and pneumonia developed and lots of other medical complications during the six weeks she was there. >> reporter: and there's the mysterious case of 5-year-old alitza. she had been sick for 48 hours before going to the er. while waiting at the hospital she became much sick ircrying, passing out as her heart stopped. doctors believe the virus had infected her heart muscle and there was no time to administer antiviral drugs.
7:17 am
>> this is the one and only case since the whole pandemic started of an unexpected death. >> reporter: with cases like this one federal authorities continue to tell parents that they should get their children vaccinated and that despite the delay, there will be enough to go around. >> in a very reasonable amount of time, everybody who needs a vaccine will have it and they shouldn't panic if they can't get it the day it's out. >> reporter: perhaps easier said than done for the parents already concerned about a new vaccine who must now deal with a delayed time line too. for "good morning america," david muir, abc news, new york. >> good job. joining us now dr. richard besser, former acting head of the cdc. don't panic, i know that's what we've been saying and people don't want to be panic but could calm their nerves if they knew when the vaccine would be available. so what are you hearing right now from the cdc. >> vaccine has started to move but not nearly as fast as anyone would like. what people are looking for in addition to vaccine is
7:18 am
information. what i heard from cdc on friday is that it really will be the middle to the end of november before there's enough vaccine for everybody who wants it and until then, you have to really focus on the other measures. >> and now the measures are. >> washing hands, covering your cough, staying home if you're sick, keeping your children home from school if they're sick and then having a treatment plan so that you know what you would do if you get the flu. >> we can't say that enough. that really works. rich, when we -- the 5-year-old in san diego, when parents see this case, it just -- it breaks everyone's heart but are there clues? is there a new more powerful strain? anything we can learn from it? >> we hear about these cases around the country and they're so incredibly sad. fortunately they're very rare. at this point there are no clues that i've heard of from this case in san diego, this was a girl who was otherwise well. there are things parents should look for when their children have the flu. if they're getting better then they start to get worse and have
7:19 am
a high fever after they're improving that's the time to go see your doctor or if your child ever has trouble breathing or dunky or blue around the lips see the doctor right away. if your child or you as an adult has an underlying medical condition -- >> such as? >> diabetes, asthma, any type of heart disease, those are things where you should have a treatment plan thought before you're sick. either you have a prescription for tamiflu or you and your doctor agreed what to do if you get the flu. >> a study caught your eye that could undermine the effectiveness much the vaccine. >> a study came out friday. it looked at whether giving people tylenol at the time that they got their shots would reduce fever after their shots and they found that it did. unfortunately, they found that it also reduced the immune response to the vaccine and as a pediatrician for years and years i've always said to parents, well, after the shots take some tylenol, give it four times a
7:20 am
day for a couple of days and that will reduce the reaction. that will change. that will change what people do now in terms of that. what i would say to a parent now is your child may have fever for a day or so before following the vaccination but unless it's high like 103 or unless your child has a problem with like seizures after a fever don't give that medicine right up front. you're going to have to suffer for a day but after that, you'll feel comfortable. your child will have responded well to the vaccination. >> good information. thanks so much, appreciate that. well, coming up, robin, we've been talking about the balloon boy, made us wonder, how is he? we'll look at some of the greatest scams of all time. 3... 2... 1.
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to eat better. so now 23 campbell's chunky soups have 100% lean meat and a full serving of vegetables. a man's gotta eat. he just wants to eat better. campbell's chunky. good morning. 7:24. the good news is the storm cleared out. we cleared the skies overnight
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and it should stay mostly clear for the next few days. the tradeoff is we're banking off cool temperatures and down to patchy frost on the eastern shore. queen anne's county, caroline, up through cecil county, harford, around the baltimore beltway, anne arundel county and howard, we have freezing conditions back west and we'll bounce off the bottom. officially 35 baltimore. 39 easton. there's the freezing mark in york and back towards oakland. it's about a north wind today. that will keep us on the cool side, high pressure will shift our wind and bring a big warm-up for the rest of the week. our 2-degree guarantee still below normal at 58 degrees. we jump in the 60s tomorrow and 70s by wednesday. here's kim brown with traffic. >> thank you. as we look here at the northeast corner of the beltway at harford road you see traffic is at a bit of a slowdown as you make your way towards the top side of the beltway. again, these are usual volume delays. no incidents on 695 at this time. we had an earlier vehicle fire at northbound 97 past route 50, that fire has been cleared out of the right lane. we have other incidents working
7:26 am
in pasadena, one crash at edwin ray nor boulevard and route 100. in monkton, downed tree still in the intersection of monkton and sherpered road. and crash in cockeysville. and towson, york road at west pennsylvania avenue. that crash remains on the scene. we'll be right back with a morning news update.
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7:27. we have a school closing to pass along to parents and students. city neighbors charter school in northeast baltimore will be closed today because the building has no heat. again, the city neighbors charter school on rasp avenue will be closed today. other local news of the morning -- police are still looking for the driver of a truck that hit and killed a johns hopkins student over the weekend. 20-year-old miriam frankl died on saturday. it happened right near the johns hopkins homewood campus at the intersection of university parkway and st. paul. rescuers took frankl to shock trauma but she died at the hospital. now, according to police the
7:28 am
pickup was found on egerton road in northwest baltimore. so if you have any information that might help police you're urged to call the city police accident investigation unit, 410-396-2606. police are still trying to determine if weather played a role in a crash early yesterday morning in baltimore county. happened around 3:00 in the morning in the 10,000 block of philadelphia road in whitemarsh. police say a 29-year-old man who has been identified as mark kirchner lost control of his car. it struck some trees, a utility pole and he was pronounced dead at the scene. a sex abuse lawsuit targeting the catholic diocese in wilmington, delaware, was set to begin today. now that civil trial is delayed because the diocese has declared bankruptcy. more than 20 plaintiffs filed suit against the diocese and a now defrocked priest, francis deluca. the wilmington diocese covers both delaware and eastern shore.
7:29 am
church officials say filing for chapter 11 will help the diocese to fairly compensate the alleged victims but an attorney for the victimscy they only filed to bankruptcy to remained secrecy about what they say happened to them. we're back in 30 minutes. now back to "good morning america" at 7:30. o
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yeah. >> all looks so dramatic but authorities say it was nothing more than a hoax. richard heene and his wife now facing felony charges for claiming their son floated away in that helium balloon. this would not be the first time the world was duped. in a moment we'll take a look at some of the great fakes. we'll talk to a man who -- >> may be responsible -- there he is -- for one of the greatest media hoaxes of all time. what does he make of this one? how does it stack up? how did this happen? >> happens more times than we care to admit. we say good morning, america, on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. saints still undefeated.
7:31 am
glorious morning. jets not so much. >> just when i didn't think more air could be taken out of the balloon, my jets got pummeled. >> giants lost too. >> thanks for pointing that out. coming along with the holidays a lot looking for jobs. not too early to look for a seasonal job for the holiday. >> no, it's not, tory johnson will be along to tell us where the jobs are and the best way to get them. first you know what we have to talk about. it was hard to find something on tv or the internet other than this. that helium balloon's fateful journey. millions watched. what it turned out to be a, a big hoax. where does this hoax stack up against other famous ones. john berman enlisted to take a look at how the air got taken out of all of us. >> reporter: we don't know how richard heene feels this morning for pulling what looks like a fast one on the world's television viewers but suspect there are a few news directors who feel bitter they were duped into airing the whole thing live but if there is any consolation,
7:32 am
it's that it's not the first time we've been taken for a ride and it probably won't be the last. the runaway flying saucer carrying a terrified 6-year-old on a 50-mile-wide ride. it was an amazing story except for the fact it didn't happen. >> this is a hoax. >> reporter: according to the police richard heene is now in the international hoax hall of fame or shame depending on how you look at it. his plaque might go next to the creator of the blinking devices that looked like bombs planted around boston two years ago. the city was terrified. >> commerce was disrupted. transportation routes were paralyzed. >> reporter: the light bright toys of terror turned out to be an ad campaign for a cartoon. >> man, he's back. >> reporter: what about the runaway bride jennifer wilbanks. she claims she was abducted before her wedding. she wasn't. she had to reimburse the cops thousands of dollars for her search but the media attention
7:33 am
she received, that was all free. >> when you watch a story unfold on cable news whether a runaway balloon or bride, you're seeing raw reporting. we don't have the fact, throwing up the pictures and there is a certain excitement about that that television producers find addictive. >> reporter: no one knows this better than alan able, the high holiness of hoaxes who tricked the press into covering a fictitious training school for beggars. >> he says he's launched thousands of careers. >> reporter: and planted fainting audience members on "donahue" as he describes in the documentary "abel raises cain. >> the larger the network the bigger the audience better to promote your cause. >> reporter: it's gone highbrow too. clifford irving claimed to be working on howard hughes' autobiography called "the hoax." >> he will only initiate, never accept phone calls. those two particular rumors seem to be true. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> reporter: sometimes we get punked by someone not try sflg
7:34 am
we know now in the early years of the 20th century this world was being watched closely by intelligences greater than man. >> reporter: orson welles' broadcast of "war of the worlds" had people coast to coast convinced the world was being invaded by martians. luckily every once in a while the news gets its revenge. >> the last two weeks of march are an anxious time. >> reporter: an april fools' day in 1957 the bbc ran a report on the bumper crop from spaghetti trees. people bought it. even hoe it might sound as crazy as a kid riding in a flying saucer. so as you can see we have been duped before. what makes this case different, though, is that kids were involved so it could be that a lot of people aren't so willing to laugh it off. chris? >> that was the concern. god forbid this little boy had been hurt. thank you very much. let's bring in mr. clifford irving trying to pull off one of the grander hoaxes of all time.
7:35 am
trying to believe that howard hughes had given him the green light to write an authorized biography. thank you for joining us. of course, that was not true but takes back to 1972. what was the hoax you tried to pull off? >> well, i tried to convince the world that i was writing the autobiography of howard hughes that howard talked to me only. and it succeeded up to a point. >> you wound up going to jail for it, right? >> i did. i went to prison. >> now, let me ask you what -- >> that was -- that was -- >> go ahead, please. >> that was not my intention. >> i'm sure it wasn't but that's what this is all about, right, is how it goes wrong. what do you think the media's role was in what we just watched with this balloon? how did we make this happen? >> well, i haven't followed it that closely but i am positive that these hoaxes are only possible because the media loves them so much and feeds them to
7:36 am
an extremely gullible public. we need things to happen in our lives. and hoaxes unless they're huge ones like weapons of mass destruction in iraq are generally fun and few people get hurt. there's not a lot of money involved. i don't think this balloon kid hoax is a serious one. i mean people are getting very pompous about the way the kid is being hurt. he'll survive. >> well, but it does raise the question of endangering the kids. let's put ourselves inside the mind of the hoaxster. what was a heene father or mother thinking in this situation? what makes this okay? >> i don't -- it's hard to say because i believe that most hoaxes are spontaneous. you see an opportunity, you jump at it. of course, you are not prepared to do that. you need the inspiration. you know, i've got a great idea and you go for it because the opportunity is there. then you need momentum. then you need a lot of luck and
7:37 am
you need as i say that ongoing gullibility of the media and people. >> in judging -- >> so -- >> in judging a hoax now that we know that heene -- if they say -- whatever the charges wind up being that this was a hoch, this was the real deal why shouldn't they go to jail? the money spent, the concern that everybody had to deal with this distraction. why shouldn't he go to jail? you did. >> look at all the pleasure they brought to the public. look at all the hours that were filled, the boredom ease the. i'm sorry. i don't think it deserves a jail sentence. >> you think it was pleasure. people watching wondering whether or not a boy would lose his life in a balloon. that was fun. >> but he didn't lose his life in a balloon. it was fun and game, yes. i don't see that anyone was hurt. you know, as i say, the p
7:38 am
pompacity far outweighs the seriousness. >> they'll see and authorities will look at it. we'll see how it plays ow. from your own personal story you're working on a screenplay now. what is it about? >> i'm writing -- i've written a spec screenplay called "manhattan serenade" for a movie. it's about a marine returned from iraq, criminal lawyer and a beautiful but dangerous woman with whom they're both in love and it ends in multiple murder. gone off to my agent pamela cooper and she loves it. great story if i'm allowed to say that and it's not a hoax. >> not a hoax. all right. good to know. that's the headline right there. mr. irving, thank you very much. appreciate your perspective this morning. >> thanks a lot. >> 38 minutes past the hour. the weather from mr. sam champion who is the real deal i might say. >> we are going to start with the real picture of new york city from the real number one wabc. by the way if you're not getting
7:39 am
your news from wabc, just leave the tv unplugged. that's what we say around here. we'll show you how it's so much better looking than it has been all weekend long. we're in the 30s this morning but not alone in new york city. it's all over the eastern seaboard that there's cold air. we told you about the 15 states involved in the frost advisories throughout the mid and deep south. that is one short cold burst because we start to warm up in nashville starting tomorrow. jacksonville tomorrow, as well. even d.c. at about 70 degrees. on twitter they're telling us you tied it at 31. 54 in west palm beach. record low this morning. again, a one-day cold spell there. one brand-new system works in the rockies. the trailing front means northern california gets rain as well as in northern nevada. all the rain in the not west is gone. it kind of died out yesterday from the system. fairly weak but means >> all that w
7:40 am
>> all that weather brought to you by cadillac. oh, chris. >> thank you very much, sam. when we come back, tory johnson is here. it's not too early to figure out how to get a job for the holiday season. we'll tell you where the jobs are. stay with us. while i was building my friendships, my family, while i was building my life, my high cholesterol was contributing
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we we are back at 7:43. it may seem early to start thinking about getting a holiday job, but the reality can that you must start now. in 2008 retailers only added 384,000 holiday jobs.
7:44 am
that was the lowest in 20 years and almost half of 2007's total. there's no indication it will be better this year, so it's time to strategize. our workplace contributor tory johnson, author of "fired to hired" is here to tell us where those jobs are and how to get them. please do tell, because these numbers are daunting. so what are you hearing from retailers? what kind of holiday season will it be? >> one recent survey found when talking to a recruiter and specifically with retailers that they're seeing 62% more applicants than last year. stiff competition. however, only 40% of those employers will hire fewer job, fewer people so that's a little bit of a positive except we look at last year's numbers and, you know, they weren't so hot so one of the good bits i think for people who have jobs right now with retailers they'll get first crack at taking on additional hours, additional shifts. more competition for the rest but not all hope is lost.
7:45 am
opportunities exist and go big. look at the big box names, the big names that we all know so, for example, when we think of holiday, we think of packaging, retail, and so think first u.p.s. they will bring on 50,000 additional seasonal workers. it's very fast-paced, physically demanding work for a driver or helper. 8.50 an hour and go to and see the jobs in your area. also, toys "r" us. another big giant retailer. 35,000 seasonal employees that they'll bring on which is comparable to the last two seasons so that's good. is their website. also in securities so you think big crowds in malls needs extra security. large firms like allied barton will bring on additional security personnel. so you can go online and apply for those jobs, as well. one website i really like that's kind of like a clearinghouse for all types of seasonal part-time
7:46 am
jobs, and they offer all kinds of access whether it's something like being a photo taker at jcpenney's portrait studio to some of the part-time positions at ski resorts, we know that's a popular thing so going big is one way ongoing. >> what was the last -- snag a job. >> snag a job. very good website. >> you strike out in that regard, in stores and other places that you just mentioned, you're saying hire yourself? >> that's right. think about concierge services. everybody wants more time. can't add more hours but the one thing you have is somebody out of work looking for work is time to provide so think about the things people don't like to do. the standing in line, shopping, wrapping, shipping, could you provide those services for somebody even in your own neighborhood? pet sitting services, one of the biggest things at the holidays. we don't see a spike in need for child care. pet sitting, sees a spike of 30% in requests for pet
7:47 am
sitters at the holidays. a lot travel ant don't take their pets. you can go there or talk to your neighbors. >> let me ask you this. you know the economy is tight of the you think people will pay for someone to do those services for them. >> if you don't outprice yourself absolutely because those are services that people need anyway. >> and give us some final tip. >> final tips. >> start right now so there's no delays. you've got to start right now. be willing to work all shifts, the move flexible you are the more opportunity that there's going to be for you. apply online and in person. double whammy, important to do both and demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for the product or service that you're going to be working for because when you walk in and demonstrate that and know what you do, i know u.p.s. is brown. i know what toys "r" us sells, lot more chance at success. >> thanks, have a great day. you can find more of tory's job hunting tips at our website at
7:48 am
we'll be right back. know why.n't my doctor diagnosed it a fibromyalgia. and then he ecommended lyrica... fibromyalgia is thought .to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is .fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. so now, i'm learning what a day islike with less pain. lyrica is not for veryone. tell your doctor about any serious allergic reaction that causes swelling or affects breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or ired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal " thoughts or actions in a very small numbr of people. some of the most common side efects of lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. do not drink alcohol while taking lyrica. you should not drive or operate machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. could your pain be caused " by fibromyalgia? ask your doctor about lyrica today.
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7:52 am
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good morning. 7:56. the last time you had to go to school or work friday morning, just chilly rain. this morning, chilly with sun glare. this is owings mills, they picked up a few inches of snow in spots yesterday. no snow this morning, 37. 35 westminster. coming out of the freezing mark, 30 in mount airy. by the bay, 40 in dundalk. clear skies, a light north/northwesterly flow. that will hold our temperatures
7:57 am
below normal. we're still cloil today but we will warm up gradually and in fact with the wind shift temperatures start pushing, quite nice on the thermometer next couple days. 58 today, mostly sunny, that's our 2-degree guarantee. back to mid-30s and maybe frost again tonight. tomorrow we jump about 10 notches on the thermtser to a high of 68. here's kim brown with traffic. as we look at the beltway at wilkens avenue both loops moving heavy. 695 at the bw parkway traffic is a little heavy us a make your way southbound. those are the usual delays. no incidents so far on the bw parkway. just getting word of a crash in edgemere, north point boulevard at wise avenue. we still have a crash in pasadena, edwin raynor boulevard at route 100. southbound, harbor tunnel thruway, a disabled vehicle at moravia road, cleared to the shoulder. on the inner loop between 83 and charles street, word of a tire in the road so use caution there. another disabled vehicle in baltimore city, keith avenue
7:58 am
atlyland avenue -- leland avenue. back with "good morning america." w q
7:59 am
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8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with the stomach trouble affecting a third of all americans. dr. mehmet oz is here to tell us the four ways to beat bloating today. also, the must-see movie oprah winfrey is putting her star power behind. we'll talk to the breakout star of "precious" already getting oscar buzz for her first movie ever. ♪ in the future >> the indy pop sensation who sold more than a million records, ingrid michaelson, performs her newest hit live. >> wow.
8:01 am
>> you got a nice head of hair. i respect that. how are you? >> nice to see you. >> how is everybody doing? good morning. robin is doing the rounds. a god of glad-handing. swine flu or not, we shake hands on this show. that's what we do. cannot shake hands, got to be nice, right? >> got to do that. >> good morning, everybody. you know robin. mr. sam champion, i'm chris. diane is off today. nice to have you all. >> but we are today with us is one of our faves, dr. oz talking about an issue. i know women deal with it a lot. a common stomach problem, bloating. the guys, you all deal with that, as well? >> sometimes i feel a little overfull. thanks for sharing, sam. >> but it can add as dr. oz was telling us about three inches to your waist sometimes but it's a serious issue so dr. oz has suggestions. we saw him with food in there to help us abelong with bloating. >> absolutely. our special correspondent mr. cameron mathison. you know, we were trying to get
8:02 am
you involved. had it. we want to show you the tremendous response to our come together campaign to come together. we made a difference and cameron will take us through all that. also, a lot of news to tell us about. he's inside because he's a cool guy and cool guys go inside. the big shots outside. bianna golodryga? >> good morning, everyone. charges could be filed as early as today against the colorado couple accused of duping the country with the runaway balloon. the sheriff says the whole thing was a publicity stunt engineered by richard heene, his wife and sons aimed at getting their own reality show. this morning their attorney told us there's no reason for handcuffs. >> i do not want to see my clients arrested, slapped handcuffs on in front of their three kids. that is child abuse. let them turn themselves in and larimer county said, okay, we'll give you a call. i want to see if they'll be true to their word or demand a perp walk while they slap the cuffs on in front of the kids.
8:03 am
moving overseas now. pakistan's military is reporting gains as it pushes into taliban territory along the afghan border. u.s. general david petraeus is in the country meeting with leaders who launched it following a wave of attacks aimed at destabilizing the government. across the border a political crisis is brewing in afghanistan. president hamid karzai appears reluctant to accept a voter report of fraud that would force a runoff election. there are many heavy hearts at the university of connecticut following the stabbing death of star football player jasper howard over the weekend. the search for a suspect continues and our jeremy hubbard has more. >> reporter: that's a great strip of the football by jasper howard. >> reporter: just hours after university of connecticut cornerback jasper howard made this spectacular play to help seal his team's win saturday afternoon, the 20-year-old student athlete was dead. the victim of a stabbing on uconn's campus.
8:04 am
the attack came on the heels of a school sponsored dance. police believe two rival groups started fighting and as they emptied into the street jasper and another student were knifed. the second victim has been released from a local hospital. police don't have a suspect at this time but they believe it was an isolated incident. >> the university does not have an individual walking around just stabbing people. >> jasper's team struggled to come to grips with the news about their teammate. the first in his family to go to college and also a father-to-be. his coach called him a special young man, a guy everyone loved to be around. >> ever since he stepped foot on this campus he was our brother. but as jazz looks down on us, i can promise him and his family that son will have a hundred -- or daughter will have 105 uncles for the rest of its life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> and that is the news at 8:04.
8:05 am
on to weather and sam champion. sam, please tell me it's getting a bit warmer. >> no, no, not yet, bianna. good morning, gang. what are we? about 38 degrees for bianna this morning. no, as soon as you step outside you better have the jacket on around the area. now, we will tell you this, it does over the next couple of days get a bit milder on the eastern seaboard. how about a twitter picture? get a lot of fall colors. this one, wait, just pull it out. joseph alex martin in leehigh gorge in rockport sent us it on twitter. here's the warm-up we have for bianna and everybody else. new york, 65 tomorrow and wednesday, 70. that's good news but today, no, handle the chill all the way down into the deep south. starting at a record low temperature even in west palm beach florida this morning. one or two showers in northern california. kind of moving into southern idaho, as well. elsewhere, gorgeous weather all
8:06 am
the way through texas, oklahoma, got the purple memo. >> yes, i did. >> lovely purple. oh, chris. >> thank you, sam. serious topic to discuss, a third of awe americans women and men, suffer from bloating. it is an uncomfortable buildup of air that forms in your digest tick tract. we know they can be embarrassing but can be warning signs of
8:07 am
bigger issues. that's why we have the man dr. mehmet oz joining us. this has to be taken seriously. >> let's talk point reality. for many folks it can add three inches to your waistline. for that reason alone it's reason to pay attention to. for women and men. not us personally but for a lot of folks out there, they get embarrassed. i'm always concerned about embarrassing questions because we learn a lot if we be honest about the reality. what's happening inside our gut. aside from the more reasons there's serious causes for it, as well. >> let's go through the basics. what causes it? >> let's -- quick animation. look at this big image a person who is bloated and look into their intestinal tract, what we're talking about is a civil war inside your gut. you see this food that's going through there. it's irritated by that. its spasms and rebels and it makes gas. here's the deal. 20% of the gas that causes the bloating in our body is actually
8:08 am
from gas we swallow. 80% is from the digest tick process because when the bacteria eat the food which is how we digest them their waste product is gas. >> wow. so we have to be aware of what we're eating, what can cause it and how to ameliorate it. >> carbonated beverages, they have gas in them and so not surprisingly if you have -- pour this fast just the way it causes -- >> it's a bad pour. >> it will cause gas your intestinal system. as it comes out of the stomach goes down as well. so sorbitol in particular, the bacteria love them. if they can't digest them. same problem here, these are great foods. right, bean, potato, brussel sprouts, broccoli, even fruits like bananas can cause them. these vegetables have sugars in them and starches harder to digest. buy the time the bacteria gets
8:09 am
to them all you get is good. >> just because it's a good food -- >> the average person has two liters of flatus a day. normal to eat a lot of fiber. what do we do to make us a bit more socially acceptable. >> we have -- we've seen the ads for beano. if you cannot soak your bean, a great way of loosening them up so the bowel can digest them, beanen o is wonderful. has a product that digests rafinols. it allows them to be digested more rapidly. big reason for gas these days as well as bloating is gluten intolerance, increased four times as much over the last four decades. these are examples again of products readily available in every major store. here's the trick you have to be aware of. there is gluten, wheat protein -- there's gluten in ice cream. >> you have to be diligent and look for it.
8:10 am
>> the fourth major reason you get bloating, again, we covered them, carbonated beverage, things you eat, vegetables and fruits, the gluten and final is lactose intolerance. you can take care of it in two ways. the first is to buy products that have lactose in them. the enzyme is in the product but digested for you, helps your body. that's why you have intolerance. the other is the by-product that don't have lactose in them. soy products, rice products which i demonstrated a couple here look like regular yogurt and regular american cheese but made of products that don't have lactose in them. >> this is something you can take also, right? >> this is a great example. have a little demonstration. >> the soap would be the gas. >> exactly. >> over-the-counter products, right? they have simethicone in them. "the sunday funnies" will actually dissolve this pretty quickly. by doing that it does the exact same thing inside your gut and what you want to do is look for products that have simethicone in them. help the bubbles dissolve. >> get awe the tips on
8:11 am let's quickly show a clip from one of your upcoming shows. >> remember, big cause of bloating is impure water. my radar screen and yours. >> take a look at the clip. >> but what people don't recognize and this is perhaps the most important thing i'm going to say today. a lot know it is a problem. you don't recognize you have a problem here which is the water we bathe in and shower in. now, tell moms right now and i don't want to hedge on this, i don't think you should be bathing your kids on the tub unless you know that water is clean. >> this is one of the most important shows we did. on tomorrow. and i think -- it's got to be on the radar screen for all of america. >> has my attention especially with bathing the kids. dr. oz, thanks so much as always. the breakout star of "precious." this years buzziest movie. so we can save on all our game time favorites. and if there is a better price out there, they'll even match it.
8:12 am
which means come game time... ...i'm just as ready as he is. game time costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. save money. live better. no additives you can't pronounce. no artificial ingredents of any kind. select harvest from campbell's now has twelve soups that are 100% natural. all the farm raised godness you want, none of the chemical stuff you don't. with ingredients we want to show the world. select harvest from campbell',/ ♪ there's only one word for this ♪ ♪ it's bliss ♪ only one word describes chocolate this creamy, this rich, this indulgent. bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss. you may be missing some of the protection you need.
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8:15 am
in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz. we are about to meet the star of what may be this year's must-see movie called "precious" and among its surprises are breakthrough performance by first-time star who was already getting a lot of oscar buzz. it's not every day you see a film about a 16-year-old girl like precious. >> my name is clareece "precious" jones. >> she is obese, poor, ill literal and sexually abused by her father, even by her mother,
8:16 am
discarded by everyone else. despite the intensely difficult subject matter the film has taken the top audience awards at numerous film festivals including sundance and toronto and if that weren't enough oprah winfrey has signed on as executive producer throwing all of her media might behind the film. >> i don't find it to be tragic. i think the arc is hope because if it was tragic nobody would go see it. >> reporter: the film has a few big surprises. such as a cast of megastars who transform into the most unlikely characters. mariah carey is almost unrecognizable as the tough social worker. >> you're going to have to talk to somebody if you want your check. >> reporter: monique sheds her glamorous comedic persona to become the abusive mother. >> don't nobody want you. don't nobody need you. >> reporter: lenny kravitz plays a nurse but perhaps the biggest surprise is precious played by first-time act gabourey sidibe.
8:17 am
she escapes her terrifying world through fantasy. >> i want to be on the cover of a magazine. i wish i had a light-skinned boyfriend real nice hair but first i want to be in one of those b.e.t. videos. >> but she's saved by the kindness of her teacher. >> everybody is good at something. >> reporter: marketing a film built around the themes of sexual abuse and teen pregnancy may be a tremendous challenge but lee daniels and oprah winfrey are proving it can be done. ♪ if i don't know where i stand ♪ >> the star of precious gabourey sidibe joins us now live. it is a pleasures to meet you. gabby? >> what most people call me. >> is it still when you see yourself up there you've never acted before, is it still a wow factor for you like my goodness it's me. >> some days -- i've seen it a bunch of types and been good at disconnecting myself from precious and so i watch it like
8:18 am
it's just a film and she's so cute and everything. i think she is a completely different person on screen but yesterday i saw it again and i was like, oh, my god, it's me's sewn it's weird. >> how did you go about auditioning because you were in college at the time. you were studying psychology? >> right. >> so how does this happen? >> i just -- i got a call about the audition and i thought it made more sense to go throw class. it was literally the first week of school and on a whim i kind of went to the audition and within an hour i got a call for the call-back which was the next day and after that i got a call within a half an hour and it seemed to be going my way. >> i would say so. >> and after i got a call that -- that the director mr. daniels wanted to meet with me and so i met with him the next day and we talked for like an hour about nothing important at all we talked about cake and lenny kravitz and shades then he just offered me the part. >> just ike that. >> it was really monday, tuesday, wednesday, movie star.
8:19 am
>> movie star. you know, on thursday you rested. you know, it was a busy beginning of the week. how are you different and you are very different from precious. i mean you're 26 years old. you're in college at the time. so talk about the similarities and the difference between you and your character. >> the differences are -- they're so vast. i mean we obviously have different voice, different way of standing but i think the big difference between precious and i is time. i am 26 and she's 16. and i felt a lot of the ways that she feels -- poor self-esteem. all of it. >> you felt that way. >> yeah. >> you were born in brooklyn and grew up in harlem. >> write. >> but you said you were loved. had a humble beginning much like precious but that unlike precious you were loved. >> yeah, my momma and my dad loved me. you know, i didn't have to -- i didn't have live with the abuse that she lives with and with the neglect that she, you know, lived with.
8:20 am
my biggest neglect is that my momma didn't get my a pony. it's a different completely different life we lived. >> i want to play a bit more. your teacher, boy, she was a savior for your character played by paula patten, "precious." >> nobody loves me. >> people do love you, precious. >> nobody's done nothing for me. beat me. make me -- >> your baby loves you. i love you. >> it is -- it's heavy, can't get away from that but it's so powerful. it's so meaningful. what do you say to people that some are like i don't know if i can handle the incest and the abuse and all that. why should people go and see this film. >> the film is more than just, you know, abuse and incest. it's such -- it's got such a hopeful message. i mean -- the story of precious is that she's been neglected and
8:21 am
ignored by society and by the system, by too many people. and we've all been there. we've all felt neglected and felt ignored and so it's really a story of youth, of everyone. it's such a universal message. that's why people should see this film. because you walk in one way and you walk out changed. >> you absolutely do. >> with more compassion. >> you do and i don't know if it can be this easy from this going forward for you, gabby because you were with mariah carey, monique, oprah, tyler perry. it must have been -- >> too big. >> how was it to have these megastars you worked with. >> it's insane. i get to work with people that i've idolized. not only do i get to meet them but they want to meet me or -- and we kind of hang out or we talk and they're so nice. it's just every day is like a new fantasy. >> well, you more than hold your own and we can't wait to see what happens in the future. gabby, thank you.
8:22 am
>> thank you. >> hope you'll be a friend to the program. >> i'd love to be. >> "precious" opens in theaters and she is precious, on november 6th. come on back. >> coming up, "good morning america's" fall concert series is presented by denny's. research shows that dancing is good for your heart. so is fish oil. nature made fish oil protects your heart so you can dance great and live great every day. nature made. fuel your greatness.
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keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me. good morning. 8:25. 37 officially in baltimore. 41 easton. there was patchy frost and glittering on some of the grassy areas north and west of the beltway but in the bay itself. it's in the 40s. we'll all catch up today with lots of sunshine. maybe some clouds in the mix in the afternoon. we still have the cool breeze from the northwest and temperatures below normal but with the added sunshine, an improvement. 58 our 2-degree guarantee. we slip back tonight to 35. could be near 30. so some freezing conditions possible north and west of the bay and beltway but tomorrow
8:26 am
we'll bounce back to a sunny high of 68. let's check the roads with kim. we have our usual slowdown on the west side of the outer loop between 795 and the baltimore national pike. looking at the beltway at the bw parkway you can see traffic is a little slower in the southbound lanes of 295 but no real issues to let you know about at this time. however, in pasadena, edward raynor boulevard at route 100, they have got that intersection closed due to the earlier crash. try magothy bridge road as an alternate. word of a pedestrian struck in baltimore city, north avenue and pennsylvania avenue. expect delays and a detour there. southbound on the jfx is pretty heavy disabled vehicle still on the scene, keith avenue at leland avenue. we'll be right back with a morning news update.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm megan pringle. we just spoke with mark jones -- there are delays due to a power outage on amtrak as well as the marc trains. if you have questions contact the mta. a power outage is affecting some peoples' morning commute. more specifically the 10 line. the obama administration will not seek the arrest of medical marijuana users and suppliers as long as they closely conform to state laws. the justice department is set to issue new policy guidelines on medical marijuana today. federal prosecutors will be told it's not a good use of their time to arrest people who use or provide medical marijuana in compliance with
8:28 am
state laws. 14 states allow some use of medical marijuana purposes including here in maryland. there's a good chance you saw it. the ravens, game a little painful to watch but they will get a bye this week off sunday's loss in minnesota. that was yesterday of course. our defense has a hole in it and brett favre found it. this game didn't look good early but the ravens toughed it out and made it a great game. joe flacco used all his weapons, looked more like brett favre than brett himself. two ticks left. missing it. the ravens lose 33-31. >> we don't feel good about losing the games but at the same time we realize what kind of a team we are, what fighters we have in the locker room. we're going to use that the rest of the year. i think we are 3-3 last year. we can overcome anything. >> ravens take the bye week and play denver at home to start off november. it was a cold wet day but that did little to dampen the
8:29 am
spirits in hunt valley. hundreds of people showed up to run or walk to fight breast cancer. this was yesterday morning. abc2 news was a proud sponsor again. with the numbers, more than 30,000 people raced for the cure raising more than $2.3 million so are fa. however, donations are still coming. in susan g. komen anticipates they will top last year's donation. we'll keep you posted. see you in half-hour.
8:30 am
♪ because i love the way you say good morning ♪ ♪ and you take me the way i am >> yes, we do. we certainly do. ingrid michaelson, her music has been featured in some of our favorite shows like "grey's anatomy." new album debuted number one on itunes. >> congratulations. >> ingrid will perform for us live. wonderful to have you back. >> thanks. >> good morning to all of you, as well.
8:31 am
robin, chris, sam is around somewhere. diane can on assignment. also, this hour, special correspondent cameron mathison is here with good reason. as you know we've been getting together august of us in our come together campaign to fight hunger through dinner parties and donations. went out there and showed how people are coming together to make a difference. >> making a difference right outside is sam who has a very special guest. >> good morning, robin. chris, i'm sorry. talking to reed. we know him as the storm chaser. our friend reed was on the show. i want to say it was more than a year ago before the start of the show, i guess. now you've got -- since we saw you last you have a new addition. the dominator. >> same suv. we just covered it with bulletproof armer, 16-gauge steel, and it's designed to drive right into the heart of a tornado. hydraulics, will drop to the ground. show you that in a second. >> let's take a look at what it looks like on the star. you guys -- you and i will go
8:32 am
around the front. you can take this thing through just about anything and i guess that's the point and then here let me see if i can close the door of the dominator. it's got a good solid sound, reed. >> yeah. >> so basically here, what, you have double layers of plexi and glass in front of your windshield. you got a window blown through on the show. >> these bulletproof glass windows. we lift them up family. a rock got stuck in the groove and it came crashing into my face and you'll see blood in the eighth episode >> let's talk about the reason that storm chasing even exists. great to watch on tv but we gather information out of this too. >> we drive into the heart of a tornado. our goal is to better understand the wind circulation to provide more ample lead time and storm chasers are always out there calling in reports to the national weather service. that's our main mission. i'll show you the hydraulics. so we'll get in the path of a tornado and drop it to the ground so no wind can get
8:33 am
underneath. >> see what it feels like. >> it's a nice gentle easy ride. rubber seals around this thing so the air doesn't upend you and turn you over. >> also love the little -- the adjustment to the skylight here where you've got a camera mounted up there, as well. >> we're inside the tornado. this is bulletproof as well and shoot that straight up to get the shot straight up. >> i love it. we'll see you sunday nights on discovery. reed, thanks soap for bringing the dominator. i want to say the terminator. to the boards, show you what's going on. quick look at your flyby. it's pretty much gorgeous along the eastern seaboard. chilly start and slow warm-up. all that cold air is a one-day event. best weather in the country right up the middle of the nation and have that one area of showers in northern califo
8:34 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by frogsed men mi wheats. >> look good in there. we are happy to give you an update on "gma's" come together project. i'm not surprised but pleased to tell you there's an an outpouring around the face. how do i know special correspondent cameron mathison tells me so >> that's right. in the final hours of partnership with feeding america and macy's, but there's still time left to get your friends and family together and like so many americans from all walks of life are doing around the nation. ♪ >> all across the country people are uniting behind a single cause. >> all: let's come together with macy's and feed america. [ applause ] >> reporter: the goal, raise enough money to make 10 million meals by simply hosting a dinner party and asking your guests to donate to a worthy cause. from hollywood. >> unbelievable cause.
8:35 am
>> reporter: to the culinary masters. >> make a donation. it's going to make a big, big difference. >> reporter: you answered the call for help. fantasia heard about it and opened her home. >> i know what it feels like to wonder where your next meal is going to come from. not a good feeling. >> reporter: with 90% food banks feeling increased need and this pantry in new york city -- >> we've seen a huge increase in the number of first-time visitors. many senior, families with children, people recently unemployed. seeing more people standing in line at a soup kitchen and a food pantry with suits. >> reporter: this past weekend i was invited to illinois where a group of firefighters decided their daily dinner would have special meaning. teal me about your community and how you've seen it affected. >> this community has seen a rise in the need for emergency food. go up about 40%. just hearing the people that come to the pantries and say, wow, and that's what
8:36 am
firefighters like to do. we like to help. ♪ >> reporter: so how did you guys feel when you got the phone call from bob that you would be part of tonight's come together? something we do at the firehouse have dinner so why not do something good with it. >> time to fill the helmet. >> then came a special surprise. >> bob, on behalf of the union and local 429 i want to put $1,500 in for our donation. >> wow. >> here you go. >> you guys know how to throw a party. >> reporter: so does lois manning of new york city. >> i was watching "good morning america" one day and they, you know, talked about what's going on with this feeding america. >> reporter: 60 of her friends gathered at this restaurant for dinner, intersanement and good old-fashioned donating but it's not just dinner pears. in denver this local catering company de natured $1 for every guest served at their events,
8:37 am
theirs going to the food bank of the rockies which serves father woody's. >> we doubled our numbers in the last six months. pretty much half and half. half are chronically homeless and the other half are people who are recently homeless due to the economy. >> reporter: and here at our studios gerber brought us 92 trucks of baby food that went to help children at the alpha family center in michigan. >> this is's never been a bigger -- >> 92 trucks. >> going for 10 million. >> 328,636. >> 3,374,712. we now have 5,659,181 meals. 6,000,767 meals. >> reporter: so thank you, america, for helping us come together. that's right. thank you is absolutely right. chris, the firefighters in elgin have raised $1,600 and will not stop until they get to $20,000.
8:38 am
of course, they only have a few more days to do it. lois manning and her friends i think raised a thousand dollars. just an idea of what's going on in the country. >> the power of us. it's just amazing. cameron, thank you so much. it continues. our good friend emeril lagasse is hosting a come together party on tuesday part of a dare from whoopi goldberg. he'll get a secret bag of groceries to make a dinner party menu in less than an hour. contribute to our campaign on our website, you've done it in amazing fashion already. please keep going. you can also go to any mac
8:39 am
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8:41 am
now an important new book that's getting rave reviews. it is called "when everything changed" the amazing journey of american women from 1960 to the present and gail collins combines the big dramatic moments in women's stories with fun details like the critical role of orange juice cans in beauty rituals. gail, good 0 see you. >> good to be here. >> i can remember -- i haven't have them in my hair but remember the orange juice cans. >> this may have been the
8:42 am
critical thing, i think. >> explain. >> concentrated orange juice cans. women would take the empty cans and roll their hair up in them to get a perfect mary tyler moore flip and then sleep on them all night and i really feel that a generation that could sleep on orange juice cans could do anything and that's the entire story right there. >> anything is possible to go through that and we did from 19 -- why did you choose 1960? >> 1960 is really exactly like it's 50 years ago really and it's really very close to the way things were throughout recorded history kind of the way people looked at women and what they could do and what they couldn't do and the reason i started writing this was the idea that in our lifetimes, these feelings about what women couldn't do about the restrictions on the sex that had existed throughout all recorded history changed while we were alive in our little slice of time. i think that's just so neat. knocks me out when i think about
8:43 am
it. >> it does and the book really reflects that and talking with the number of women that you did and you also said which i never thought about until i read your book, the sexual revolution was really helped women and explain why that was. >> there were so many revolutions, that was the most popular by far, the sexual revolution and until then there had been this double standard forever in which men could do whatever they wanted sexually but women were supposed to be chaste and virgins this will they got married and if that was the rule then really it explained a lot about why women didn't think they were going to go to graduate school or go to business in a serious way. you were going to get married to protect your chastity and have children and it really lapped off into everything else. >> you can't of course when you're talking about american women and the progress, you have to talk about politically so. and we see such strong women now and it's nice that you reflect upon like before olympia snowe there was --
8:44 am
>> in maine, a very similar woman, very spunky, the only woman in the senate for most of the time she was there and she was on armed services and when they'd have long meetings somebody always had to come and take margaret for a walk because the men felt that they should not be forced to sit too long with the discomfort of this woman there. i mean that's the way -- she had to go to the bathroom, women's visitor's bathroom because there's no bathroom. stories of getting women's rooms this places is critical to the story. >> what is the biggest unresolved issue for women now do you think? >> you know, it's got to be the fact that we've gotten all this way -- that we've come to a point where all women now work as a matter of course in their lives where 50% of the workforce is female. where many, many houses women make more money than their husbands, and we still have not come near dealing with the question of who takes care of the kids if both parents are out working.
8:45 am
>> and remind us, i didn't know this till i read your book about -- >> 1971. congress passed a bipartisan bill giving quality early childhood education and after-school programs for any family that wanted them in the entire country. >> and it was -- >> vetoed by richard nixon, yes. >> i don't think many people realized that. >> i can forgive him for watergate before that -- >> not enough time. gail, it is a fascinating read. i was born in 1960. i'm a product of title 9. very appreciative of your work and those that made it possible. >> thanks so much. >> continued success in all that you do. read an excerpt from gail's book "when everything changed" go to we have rising star -- oh, she's already there. a bona fide star, ingrid michaelson performs li and that's how verizon fios works. any questions? so will the tv in my house look that amazing? yep. fios has 100% fiber optics straight to your home. and i get $150 back when i switch to fios?
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8:47 am
all right. you have to turn up the cool
8:48 am
knob on your television set because our fall concert series is here and ingrid michaelson has a new cd out "everybody." it hit number one on the itunes -- is that true. >> absolutely true. >> this is great. great to have you back with your tiny guitar which is actually called -- >> a ukulele. >> and you are in the midst of a tour of your own 47 stops. how has it gone so far. >> pretty good. you don't really get much sleep or you get too much. i had two hours leading up to this but i had 15 the night before. >> see, i didn't get the 15 but i got the two. >> oh, really but enough about me. are you enjoying it. >> oh, yeah, it's -- it's -- it's living the dream basically. it's hard work but it's fun. >> "everybody" is the album. what is it about. >> it's about a breakup. wah-wah. debbie downer. >> love is loss. this is great. we'll hear the hit single from
8:49 am
"everybody." number one on itunes. the song is called "maybe." is that right? >> yep. ♪ i don't wanna be the one to say good-bye but i will i will i will ♪ ♪ and i don't want to sit on the pavement while you fly but i will i will oh yes i will ♪ ♪ 'cause maybe in the future you're going to come back you're going to come back around ♪ ♪ maybe in the future you're going to come back you're going to come back ♪ ♪ oh the only way to really know is to really let it go ♪ ♪ and maybe you're going to come back you're going to come back
8:50 am
you're going to come back to me ♪ ♪ i don't want to be the first to let it go but i know i know i know ♪ ♪ if you have the last hands that i want to hold then i know i've got to let them go ♪ ♪ and maybe in the future you're going to come back you're going to come back around ♪ ♪ maybe in the future you're going to come back you're going to come back ♪ ♪ oh the only way to really know is to really let it go and maybe you're going to come back ♪ ♪ you're going to come back you're going to come back ♪ ♪ i still feel you on the right side of the bed and i still feel you in the blankets pulled over my head ♪ ♪ but i'm going to wash away
8:51 am
oh i'm going to wash away i'm going to wash away everything until you come back home to me ♪ ♪ 'cause maybe in the future you're going to come back you're going to come back in the future you're going to come back ♪ ♪ you're going to come back maybe in the future you're going to come back ♪ ♪ you're going to come back around maybe in the future you're going to come back you're going to come back ♪ ♪ oh the only way to really know is to really let it go ♪ ♪ and maybe you're going to come back maybe you're going to come back ♪ ♪ the only way to really know is to really let it go ♪ ♪ maybe you're going to come back you're going to come back
8:52 am
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8:53 am
by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age.
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8:55 am
walmart. >> great to have you all here. if you have a tiny camera, ingrid michaelson, another song for all of you if you want to hear it, >> we can hear your lyrics. you can actually hear the lyrics and they are beautiful. >> thank sflu have a great day. emeril lagasse takes our dinner
8:56 am
dare for our come together cane to fight hunger. whoopi goalberg goes shopping for his mystery ingredients and he has less than an hour to make something delicious. >> do you think he can do it. >> i know he can do it. >> have a great monday.
8:57 am
8:56. we come off of a wet stretch, the coldest four-day period in baltimore october history. now we get a chance to try to recover. it will take some time. i believe that number may be off a little bit but temperatures are pushing near the freezing mark. 42 is the update. we're having an issue with our graphics here but 42 in downtown baltimore now with the sunshine. we're starting to bounce off the bottom. with the northwesterly wind we'll still have below normal temperatures this afternoon. however, we start to recover. 58, still running cooler than we belong right now. should aim for an average high of 66 degrees. so we're running below that mark this afternoon. we'll still have a chance of frost or freezing conditions, low 30s overnight. tomorrow, true recovery, high back to 68 with sunshine. let's check the roads with kim brown. looking at the west side of the outer loop at liberty road, you see we have long delays and backups, that's because of a
8:58 am
crash blocking the right lane on the outer loop at edmondson avenue causing delays starting back at reisterstown road so give yourself lots of extra time if you have to travel in that direction. also in pasadena, we still have edwin raynor boulevard at route 100 closed because of a crash. all lanes are currently blocked. if you would like to get around that magothy bridge road might be the best alternate. in the city, a pedestrian was struck at north avenue and pennsylvania avenue. expect a detour at that intersection. we'll be right back with "good morning maryland."
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